Monday, October 19, 2015

Finally done

Well, she is finally done and out on display on Moon Mountain Road. I have already shown her once, but I don’t they are her new owners. They are set on “buying” her in Nevada and I don’t have the time, energy, money (for gas) to drive up there so they can save a few bucks on registration. Not my problem. And they aren’t taking her up without me. There will be others, now that she is out where people can see her. If she hasn’t sold by next week, I may take her to work for a day or two. Lots of people come and go there.

I am still very stiff and sore. Putting down the carpet went pretty fast and wasn’t difficult other than the fact that I don’t bend and move the way I used to and it was uncomfortable. Then it was a quick vacuum, jump start the generator (not sure what drained the battery, but I unplugged the TV), some armor all in the front, and I was done. I am so very happy to have that done. I’m hoping she will have a new owner by the end of the week. There is a restaurant just up the street, so it gets quite a bit of traffic, and it is an easy place to pull over and look at it.

Breakfast was good. We were back by 9 AM. I didn’t do much else yesterday other than read a book. It sprinkled off and on. I watched a couple of movies on Hulu, and went to bed.

This morning I need to walk, yesterday was difficult because of the humidity and being so stiff and sore. I got an early enough start that I didn’t have to socialize. This morning is Monday morning coffee at the clubhouse at 7, so I need to be walked, showered and dressed by then. I have to walk over to Ody and reposition the for sale sign, so I may walk outside the park this morning since I have to leave it anyway. I have a choice of around the block in two directions or the wash. I am thinking the wash. After coffee, I want to go to the Roadrunner which just reopened on Friday and get some fruit and stuff for lunches, DG for my other stuff and Sal’s for whatever. Then I have laundry and if I found something to make my pillow with, will make that after the material is washed and dried. It’s going to be a busy morning, but hopefully a quiet afternoon.

When I went to Herb’s for parts on Saturday I also got the 1x8 I need to make the second shelf in the shed. I might do that later, or plant some seeds or something. We’ll see how much energy I have left when I get everything else done, and how warm it is by then. It was in the low 90’s yesterday, but somewhat humid. Was nice if you weren’t moving around a lot.

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