Friday, October 30, 2015

A job is just a job

Another rough night. I have been up since 2. I finished the book I started at lunch yesterday, paid bills, renewed my straight talk wifi and have answered emails and done my morning reading. I’m not feeling tip top, but better than I have. Stomach and sinuses are still a little funky, but am better than I was at the beginning of the week.

I have decided I don’t really like my job, and the owners are “different”. But I guess I don’t really need to like my job it if pays the bills. I like the hardware part of it, but the place is run like a jail. I’m told to go to lunch, when I can leave for the day, breaks are not offered, I’m not supposed to leave my register, and I don’t really feel like I fit in. One of the other guys and I were discussing the job in a quiet moment, and later in the day one of the owners made a comment to the other guy about how amazing it is what he can hear from his desk in the back. OK, so they heard us talking, we didn’t say anything that was wrong. Just another black shadow over the whole job thing. Whatever. I need to get it situated in my brain that it doesn’t matter. I have no control over anything or any way to mark my performance., I don’t even cash out my register at the end of the day. They do all of that. It isn’t a career, it is just a way to pay the bills. I just don’t like working, period. I got used to the whole “retired” thing, and liked it…a lot. On the plus side, I will be able to pay my bills, and I get a discount, which will be very handy when it comes time to build my camper.

Yesterday I was sent to lunch at 11. It made for a very long afternoon. Up until then, I had been getting lunch at noon, which split the day in half. Whatever. One more day and this week is done. 

I got my car insurance paid this morning, made a partial payment on my other two cards, for the first time in a long time I didn’t pay in full. Hoping I might get those caught up next month. Now that I am down to just a few hundred bucks a month, I need to learn how to live within my means again. 

I brought home some chicken wire and spray paint yesterday. I saw some christmas trees made from the wire online yesterday and I want to do that for my yard. I’m gonna have to buy several strings of solar lights tho. I want to make mine bigger and several of them. Probably three different sizes. The good thing about these is that they will store flat. Great for outdoors, and can be stored on the back of the shed.

I also brought home a couple cans of red rustoleum spray paint for the shelving unit that Lois gave me the other day. I looked at the other colors, but red won again.

Not much progress on Ody. I am in contact with a guy from Utah that is interested, but to be honest, I don’t think that will work out. I could be wrong tho. I just want this whole process to be done and the money in the bank.

Sold a pair of halloween earrings on eBay yesterday. Mailing them out this morning. I will need to take down all the halloween stuff and put some new stuff up. I do have some xmas stuff I can put up there. But I may go in a completely different direction. I need to ponder that a little bit more. 

I really need to find a chair that I can sleep in. Soon. It is so frustrating to be up and know that if I had a chair that I could probably get some more sleep. It worked for many years in VT, and would probably work here too. Just need a comfy chair to do that in. As soon as Ody is sold, I will be going to Yuma in search of a chair. I wish I could have kept my old one. It still had some life left in it and was so very comfortable. Sigh…


  1. My girlfriend and I enjoyed your blog. I can certainly relate about not liking one's job, but having to stay, because it pays the bills. We were equally impressed by your creative endeavors and the Christmas tree that you made and displayed. Its good to have a variety of interests. Thanks for sharing this.

    Joshua Duncan @ Focus Insurance Atlanta

    1. Thank you. It is always interesting to hear what people think about what I write. To me it is just the day to day stuff that keeps life interesting...or not. :)