Thursday, October 8, 2015

Web page and things to do

I got quite a bit done yesterday in spite of spending the whole morning on that web page. Jake wrote the script for that, and I have managed to keep it working all this time, but this one was a real challenge. Lots of changes. Plus, I’m working with a new person this year. I finally wrapped that up around noon. I still have a few tweaks that will need to be done, but they will be a lot less time consuming.

I got two loads of laundry washed and hung out to dry, changed all the batteries in my solar lights, and have to change the ones in my dragonfly lights this weekend. I had changed them last year and didn’t realize they needed to be changed again. I have one regular solar light that has stopped working all together, and will need to replace it, but it is a pair, so I will have to replace two of them.

I finally got my billing done in Quickbooks for the month of October and just got the invoices sent out this morning. And at the end of the day, I took the scooter and got rid of my garbage and my cans. My can baskets have broken down in the sun and they need to be replaced as well.

It was another nice day yesterday and we have gone three days without the AC, but I think I will have to turn it back on for the next week or so. But by having it off for three days, I have saved quite a bit in electricity. I think we might be at the stage where it is on during the day and off at night.

I didn’t get everything I wanted to do done, but did OK. There are still a couple of projects sitting on the table waiting to be done.

My chairs are scheduled to arrive today while I am at work, so I will have to deal with that when I get home. I will remove the old chair and put one of the new ones in it’s place, and I think if I push the couch over, there will be room for the second chair temporarily, until the couch can be removed. Leslie should be here in a couple of weeks, I guess I can wait that long to finish my redesign. I will get rid of the old chair this weekend. Post it on FB and it shouldn’t hang around too long. I don’t really have anywhere else I can put the extra chair while I wait, so it will be a little crowded in the living room.

I slept pretty well last night. It was quite cool, so that helped. The cooler, the better for sleeping. Just about time to get out my fleece blanket. I really should have washed it yesterday so I could use it last night, but I didn’t. It is going to be pretty dusty, so it will need to be washed first. I just put it in the washer, I will hang it outside (will smell better) and will come home at lunch and bring it in. I won’t even have to bring my lunch with me today. Tomorrow I will hit the post office at lunch time in case there are any packages. I have already made my lunch for today and tomorrow. Was just as easy making two as it was one. 

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