Sunday, October 11, 2015

Not the best of days

What a day yesterday. Not a fun one. I was already cranky, and it didn't improve.

I spent most of the morning on the two websites. The second one, the one that was supposed to be easy…wasn’t. I still need to go back and do some more work. But that got me started on Ody around 1, much later than I had wanted to get started, and it was already hot. I decided to start with the outside. I installed the new handle, spray painted the yellowed rear view mirrors, and got started on the new window seals. That was not a fun job, and I don’t ever want to do that again. If I find myself in that situation again, I will pay someone to do it for me. I finally got the last window seal in place in the dark, around 7 PM. Ugh! My fingers hurt, my hands are stiff, and I stood on a ladder the whole time.The narrow ones went in fairly easy, but the wider ones were horrible, especially on the corners. I wasted a whole hour or more on just one corner and each window had four. Never again. I’m sure there is a handy dandy tool to zip those right into place, but I didn’t have one. I do have to say, it looks much nicer, but by the time I finished last night, it was too dark to take pictures.

This morning I will be starting out masking off the plastic vent for the stove and getting a coat of white paint on that. It has really yellowed. I also want to try and fix the two compartment seals that don’t want to stay in place. I don’t know if I can soften up some of the old seals and reuse them or not, but will give it a try. Thinking maybe some really hot water might do the trick. Hopefully all that won’t take too long so I can get started on the stuff I need to do inside. I have a couple of big projects indoors, the table brace and the water tank. The rest of it is, or should be, relatively easy. One of the last things I will do is put down the carpet in the bunk area. I even remembered to buy the edging for the doorways. Hoping to have enough carpet leftover to make a rug for the kitchen area. If not, I will have to go buy one at Family Dollar as the linoleum isn't very nice looking.

I hadn’t wanted to spend my whole weekend working on the rig, but it is looking like it is going to run into tomorrow. We’ll see how much I manage to get done today. I do need some down time before I go back to work on Tuesday.

My hands are very stiff this morning and my thumbs are sore to the touch. The right one worse than the left one. Even my walk yesterday was difficult. Just not a fun day all around. 

I did get the pillow made for the new chair in the living room and I ordered the blankets to cover them. I also trimmed down my back wedge pillow to fit the chair better too. So I did get a couple of indoor things done. Oh, I also cleaned my ceiling fans, they really needed it. I got a brush specifically for that purpose. Worked pretty well. I found a rug to fit the living room that matches the other two I pulled out of Ody. They are the same as I had in the kitchen on Alder Street. It is almost 8ft square and will cover the majority of the living room floor. I think it will look nice. It was under $100. The blankets I ordered are the gray plaid(ish) polar fleece, same color and pattern I had in Ody on the bed. Also matches the blanket that is now under the new quilt. Those will be my winter covers and I will probably go back to the red in the spring. And what red that will be left in the room will go with the red and gray blankets. I think I am going to paint my rolling storage ottoman that you got for me. It is brown, but I think I want it to be black. I have been thinking about that project for a while now. Or maybe a black stain….

Third time is the charm. I am finally getting my red trays. Got them ordered the other day, and my address now has my PO Box in two places, it shouldn’t be returned this time. If I end up with the second order somehow, I will find another use for them.

I still haven’t decided about the chairs. I don’t think they are going to work out in the long run, but for now, I am stuck with them. They aren’t cushy, which is what I need at the end of the day. But I will tweak the pillows, etc., and will adjust to them. I will probably eventually replace one and keep one. Assuming I can find a recliner I can live with. Wish I still had my little green one. That thing was awesome. There just wasn’t room for it in Ody.

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