Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Raffle prize

Made it through another day of work. No calls on Ody. The rug for the kitchen came yesterday, so I need to get that put in today. Will take a little scooter ride later and do that.

I had a normal night for me again last night. Slept a few hours, then was up a few hours. That of course made me get up late and I am getting a late start today. I did walk already, so now I need to work on the BSC website and clean house. Then I will figure what else I will get done. I would like to get the chair pillow done today if I can. 

Nice and cool this morning. It was 61 when I got up. I had the windows open and fans going as it was quite nice when I got home from work. No AC at all yesterday. I didn’t bother to turn it on before I went to work, just closed the place up. I’m hoping to keep the AC off now, but we will see how it goes. 

I got my raffle prize yesterday. Theresa dropped it off at work, so I didn’t get to disassemble it until I got home. Here are the pics. Some nice stuff!


Thankfully, no candy. Although I have to admit I was a little disappointed there was no candy. :) I think I am going to put the little pumpkin out on the steps with the rest of them. The two dishes will go on the coffee table. I’m going to try the chili this weekend, and the muffin packs will go in the cupboard. 

Work was good. Nice having Jan back. It is getting a little busier now which makes the day go faster. My hip hasn’t been hurting as long as I sit down between customers or rushes. It is when I stand there and shift around that my hip hurts.

I don’t have much else to write about this morning and I am behind schedule and have a website to work on, so I probably should go do that. Looks like it is going to be a beautiful day.

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