Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Temporary cool down

What a pleasant day yesterday. I have gone almost 36 hours with the AC turned off. Today will be the last of that, it is supposed to get back into the upper 90’s by the end of the week. Today's high is supposed to be 83. Currently it is 65 and almost feels cold.

I just tracked my halloween ornaments I ordered from Target, and sure enough, the post office refused them as they will with the second set of trays. I’m thinking I might just spray paint the one I have, my tray table that I painted black a couple of years ago. It is no longer being used in the bedroom. Although I like the black paint. Gonna have to think about that. It isn’t like I can’t spray it black again. As for the ornaments, I found some styrofoam acorns at DG yesterday, I will use those instead.

I spent the morning after coffee, vacuuming, dusting, and rearranging. My chairs are supposed to be here tomorrow, so I moved the little end tables into the bedroom which freed up the tray table. The stand for that is in the closet and the tray part is on the coffee table. Tried to find someone to help me move the couch out, but was unsuccessful there. I will just have to live with it for a while longer. The living room will be cramped with two chairs and a couch. I will just have to make sure one of them is useable. I also moved the little shelf out of the sliding door and against the wall and got the canvas bins out that I had bought just for this purpose. They are a perfect fit except for the black ones which are a little deeper, but it is up against the wall and the black ones are on the bottom, so it works out ok. I even had one of each color left over, one of which I used for my current basket project.

I puttered around in the house until almost noon, had some lunch and a quick nap, then went to the post office and the market and DG. I picked up a few things that I could use for lunch and a few things at DG that I was out of. I also got my battery operated candles for the front windows for December and the foam acorns. Once I got back and got the stuff put away, I took some stuff over to Ody, and removed the rugs I had in there. I will have to find a rug for the kitchen area because the floor is not very good. Discolored from wherever the leak came from. I decided to keep my black rugs. One went into the bedroom, the other is in the living room. The one in the living room isn’t big enough, but the design and maker are on the back, so maybe I can find a larger one later. These rugs don’t have that rubber backing, so it won’t come off and stick to the carpet. 

Today I work. Tomorrow I have to work on one of the snowmobile websites. It is that time of year. I’m planning on doing some work on Ody over the weekend. Still waiting for the window seals and water tank. But there are other things I can do in the meantime.

My lilac cuttings arrived from Iola. They dropped all their leaves, but it is that time of year. I’m thinking I am going to put them in the fridge or freezer for a couple of weeks, then take them out and see if they will root. I need to simulate winter for them. Also just about time to start my seeds. Maybe another weekend project. I have been saving all my eggshells, and I will use them in the pots. 

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