Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A little down time

I did make it to coffee, a little late, but I got there. I also got the website fixed before I went and got my shower. I had the page on my computer, just not sure how the wrong one got uploaded. Anyway, got the final approval on both sites, so this weekend I will be able to concentrate on Ody instead of splitting my time. And I should be able to get a much earlier start than I did this weekend.

I decided to get some down time before going back to work today, so I made up the bunks, and cleaned up my trash and moved Ody back to the kool cover for the rest of the week. Weather permitting, I will get her done this weekend and out for sale. The sooner the better. Here are a few Ody pics for you. There will be more when I get her done.

So I got to spend some time in one of the chairs yesterday. I really don’t think they are going to work out. Good thing they weren’t expensive as far as chairs go. I will look for a comfortable recliner when Ody sells, keep one of the new chairs, and sell the second one. I tried using the little ottoman instead of reclining while watching TV last night because the back goes too far back when the foot is up, but the angle of the seat when the foot is down, tips too far down so it is uncomfortable. I may try the larger ottoman tomorrow, see if that is any better. I won’t be able to work or read comfortably without adding pillows to the back. I will write my own review on the website. I’m not happy with them. I’m going to pick up a couple of cheap pillows at the dollar store and see if that helps.

Got a couple of loads of laundry done, cleaned up the patio and read the rest of the day. I didn’t bother to go out, I managed to make my lunch for today without having to go buy stuff. It is a tuna wrap today and I had the other half for dinner last night. 

My hands are feeling better, but my thumbs are still sore. Another day or two and they should be fine. My arms are sore too.

I get my first paycheck today. It won’t be much, but it is better than nothing. I couldn’t have waited any longer, I actually need the check, and it isn’t going to be enough to cover my bills this month. I will have to stretch it out. Since I will be getting two paychecks a month, I am going to try to put one of them aside to cover next summer’s expenses. Getting Ody sold will make a huge difference, but that is only temporary. Once that is gone, I have nothing to fall back on. Going to have to make that last as long as possible.

Tomorrow I am riding to Parker with Vicki for groceries. It will be nice to have something in the fridge again. Will have to plan ahead for lunches.

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