Thursday, October 29, 2015

Grow bench

Got the grow bench constructed and in place. This is what it looks like. The big pots when watered would be too heavy for the spindly legs, so I left them on the iron stands.

There are actually more pots on there than in the photo as I got the rest of my seeds sown too. I dipped the lilac cuttings in rootone and got those potted too. It looks like they were already trying to root, so I have high hopes. I did have to move the avocado tree that I started, one day in the sun and it had already burned. It is now over on the bench by the shed along with my sickly looking geraniums. 

I am probably going to have to rig up some sort of cover for the bench for cold nights. But will figure that out when the time comes. I have ideas already.

I used up the whole bag of soil that I brought home on Tuesday, so will have to buy some more when I go to the dollar store the next time. It is much less expensive than the stuff I bought at Herbs.

Took the scooter out and got rid of my garbage, watered the fruit trees on C Street, and stopped and visited with Lois to see how she was doing after gall bladder surgery. She is doing well and she gave me some nasal spray for my sinuses and a rusty wire shelf unit. I’m thinking I am going to spray paint that.  The nasal spray seemed to help, so I am going to use it again today. It kept me clear all day and almost all night too. The shelf matches the ones I have indoors, chrome wire shelving. Nice. It is on the patio for now.

In the afternoon I finished my book, caught up on Dancing With the Stars (football was on instead on Monday), and did a small load of laundry and got that hung on the line in the bedroom. Dinner was a frittata, I started feeling better about noon from my burger the night before. 

I already had to spray the grow bench for ants. It doesn’t take them long to find something new. I’m thinking the lilacs and the avocado trees can go in large pots when they get big enough. Then I can move them around for a while anyway. Find out where they are happiest. I did not work on the watering for the bench. There are a lot of pots and I may have to go with trays and water from the bottom. Just need to find the trays.

No calls on Ody. But it looks like a lot of people are stopping to look at her, lots of tire tracks. Saturday I will have to pay bills. Figure out how much is left after I pay my insurance and parcel it out accordingly. I have finally reached the point of not having enough money to pay my bills. Thankfully, there aren’t a lot of them and I do have a small paycheck coming in. The insurance is the last big bill of the year, then I have the park dues in January. My taxes are already paid.

Well, I guess it is time I get moving. I need to make my bed, shower and get ready for work. Only one more day after today and I have three days off. I can’t wander too far from Ody while she is up for sale, so no day trips. And Saturday is the ice cream social. I’ll go, and probably have a little bit, but ice cream is a major no no for me. They are making root beer floats too, but that would be way too much sugar for me. I have decided no more Carl’s Jr burgers since I reacted so badly to the one the other night. I keep forgetting we have a Burger King here. This isn’t Island Pond. Lots of choices here, especially now that the snowbird season has started.

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