Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mostly chores yesterday

Got in a walk, the rug over to Ody, cleaned part of the bathroom, then moved on to making my chair cushion yesterday I didn’t think there was any sense in vacuuming before I did the pillow. Got that done, it is better, but still not great. But I will just have to live with it until I can afford a real recliner. Will have to start saving my pennies.

The pillow is completely recycled materials. The inner casing is the sheet I got at Sal’s the other day, the fiber fill is from the couch pillows, and the outer casing is from an older blanket I had already cut and used in Ody. I didn’t even have to cut a new blanket. I also got the footrest part of the chair with string pull covers so it won’t matter if the blanket creeps up, the foot rest will still be covered. I think I have enough material to make another set of foot rest covers, but didn’t do it yesterday. Once the couch is gone, I may put the ottoman into play instead of using the recliner part of the chair. I will try it for a couple of days and see how it works out. The couch should be going in the next week or so. Leslie and her hubby are already in New Mexico, so it won’t be long now.

My rug for the living room also came yesterday, so I got that down. Did my vacuuming and dusting, cleaned the kitchen…chores. The rug is going to look good when it gets settled in and the couch is gone.

I finished replacing batteries in my solar lights and modified the two used ones I got from one of the neighbors so they would fit in the holders. Put the extra one in the little cactus garden by the fountain. 

I didn’t get a nap yesterday, so I was really tired last night. I think I have a slight cold. But if that is as bad as it gets, I am not going to complain much. It wears me out tho. I have the cough and am stuffed up on a regular basis. Could be some sort of allergy too. Different environment and all. But I am going to be exposed to all sorts of nasty germs this winter. I expect I will get sick at some point. I don’t get sick days.

I had only slept two hours last night when I woke up way overheated. Had to come outside to cool down, then when I went back, I made sure I was directly in front of the fan and managed a few more hours of sleep. 

Back to work today. I need to take a check to the post office and mail it to my bank and take the garbage to the dumpster on my way.

I’m hoping this weekend to finally get my garden started. Now that I have Ody out of the way, the cushion done, cleaning done, etc. I’m also hoping to get back to the basket I started before I started working. I have a few more I want to do before the holidays. And the spoon bracelets are still waiting to go on eBay. Always something to do.

No calls on Ody. I have hopes for the weekend. I will get it posted online this weekend. I already have the photos, just need to get it up there. I want her sold. Need the funds and don’t need the responsibility any more. My next paycheck has to cover my car insurance. I will have about $30 left when that is done. At least when I am working, I’m not spending money. I guess I am going to have to set a budget for xmas decorations. I need everything since I had to get rid of everything. Although I already bought the candles for the windows. I need tree lights, ornaments, etc. Starting from scratch. I do have a small bin of stuff that I kept, but it isn’t much.

I have both fans running and will close up the house before I go to work. I am still hoping I am done with the AC. Worse comes to worse, I can fire up the little swamp cooler since the nights are cooling down now. 62 this morning. Almost time for my polar fleece bathrobe and flannel nightgown. I’m working my way back into shirts with sleeves too. I need to go thru my clothes and see what I have since I bought a bunch of stuff thru the summer for fall and winter at Sal’s and the other thrift shop. I’m bored with my summer stuff and am ready to start wearing something different anyway. 

The feral cat was out digging something out of the leaves next door late yesterday. I’m hoping it isn’t scorpions. I didn’t get my spraying done yesterday, so will have to make sure I do it this weekend. The leaves are only a few feet from my bedroom. But he/she? was catching something and eating it. We looked at each other, but it didn’t feel threatened this time and went back to what it was doing. It was on the other side of the chain link fence.

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