Sunday, October 4, 2015

New chairs

I tried ordering my trays directly from Target this time instead of eBay, and they did the same thing. They wouldn’t allow me to put a PO Box in the address or name line, yet they sent it smart post. Where do they think anything sent smartpost ends up? I will be lucky if I get them by christmas, if at all. It is very frustrating and I guess I won’t be able to buy from Target any more. What really sucks is the both orders are paid for, I didn’t charge them.

Spent some time online looking at chairs again. I ended up ordering two recliners from Wayfair. They got a lot of good reviews and were less than $200 each, plus free shipping. I don’t expect them to last forever, but am hoping to get a few years out of them. I wanted the darker gray, but they weren’t available, so I went with the lighter gray. I had found some wine red ones that I liked, but I could’t find more than one picture and no reviews. So I went with the ones that people seem to like. These look a lot like the green chairs I had in VT, but are supposed to be smaller.

After that, I spent some time in the shed. Put up another shelf. Didn’t even have to cut the board, the shed took the whole 8 feet. Then I reconfigured the wire shelves I put up the other day. The shed is far from done, but I am making progress. At least I can walk without having to move stuff, and the work benches are useable now too. 

I also did the turntable in the spice cupboard, but it still rubs, so it has to be the cupboard itself, or a bad spinner. 

Ody is done on the outside other than replacing the window seals. I picked her up about mid day. She looks so pretty!

Look at that shine! That took a lot of elbow grease and wet/dry sandpaper and a polish. I imagine this is the first time in years that she has shined like that. He even put a new lock on her door. 

I got out my halloween stuff yesterday. I had to make a hanger for the wall quilt. I have some halloween ornaments coming from Target (maybe), for the horseshoe tree. But this is what I have done so far.

Unfortunately, all that stuff on the front steps will have to be moved a couple of times to move chairs in and out and again when the couch comes out. I may bring the couch out when the chairs get here and store it on the patio for the couple of weeks until Leslie gets here and picks it up. The old chair will be given away.

Today is the ride to Palm Springs. I didn’t walk this morning because I had a hell of a night. I slept for two hours and then was up for four. I finally got a couple more hours, but got up about the time I should be walking. So I am going to try to walk later after we get back. Knowing me, I will probably blow it off. But my intentions are good. It is only supposed to be around 90 today, so maybe by this evening, it will be decent walking. Part of my problem was an itchy scalp, which happens when I sweat a lot. I should have rinsed my hair when I took my quickie shower last night. I will have to wash it this morning - twice. I may go back to washing it every other day, I tend to try to add another day, and thinking back, I don’t think I have washed it since Tuesday. I have rinsed it a couple of times, but no shampoo.

Chance of rain tomorrow. Monday morning coffee is back at the club house starting tomorrow. They are having it early, 7 AM instead of 8. I should be done walking by then. Still planning on doing some grocery shopping tomorrow, where will depend on the weather. You don’t want to be out and about when it rains here. Now that there are more people in town, the produce might be a little better. One can only hope. Maybe I will get just enough for a couple of days and go again on Wednesday. The fridge life of anything you buy in town is disgustingly short.

Gonna be an interesting drive today, it is quite windy. 

Well, time to go wash my hair and get ready. Vicki wants to leave around 8:30, and she is always early. Maybe I will go to the market this afternoon after we get back instead of tomorrow. We’ll see how I feel when we get back.


  1. When I have to deal with that heat and hair washing, I do this: Get 2 cheapy squirt bottles, they are usually red or yellow; made for ketchup or mustard, fill with water and put just a teeny bit of shampoo in one and conditioner in the other. Now shake them up to mix. This is great, saves $$ using less product and it is so easy to rinse. Makes summer time hair care so easy!