Sunday, October 25, 2015


For someone that wasn’t feeling up to 100% yesterday, I got quite a bit done. I got the new shelf up in the shed, shortened two necklaces for a neighbor, two loads of laundry washed, hung, folded and put away, seeds planted (ran out of soil), and chased down some scorpions. Yup, saw my first scorpion yesterday right here on my patio. One got squished, one got sprayed, and another got away. They were under one of my empty plant pots and scurried when I moved it to fill it. I’ll get some actual scorpion stuff when I go to work on Tuesday. For now I am hunting them with the black light after dark. Haven’t found any that way yet.
This is a picture of the one I squished, after spraying it, before squishing. You can’t really see it, it is small and blends in with the brick. From what I hear, they are one of the worst. Ugh!

Check out my toes under the black light….

I have bright orange polish on them. It’s pretty kool. :)

I’m still feeling kind of funky this morning. I did walk, longer than I had planned, and not in a straight line. I’m wondering if I have allergies. My head just feels fuzzy and I have some congestion. Sniffer still works tho, I could smell propane. 

I have more seed I want to start, but I’m out of soil. I want to start trumpet vine, two colors, desert willow, and of course my lilac cuttings. So I will also have to get some soil on Tuesday, plus some 2x4’s so I can make a shelf and keep all of this off the ground. That will reduce the chance of scorpions. What I did get started was my tomatoes, some sweet banana peppers, zucchini, mesclun, chives, and nasturtium. I need something bright and blooming.

Today I need to get Ody listed online. Plus I want to get some of the spoon bracelets on eBay. I’m surprised I haven’t had more calls on her. :( Was hoping she would sell right away. Oh well. I would really like to get started on my trailer. I have walked, so the rest of the day will be quiet.

I will be missing the first park wide yard sale. It is on a Friday, and of course, I will be working. Maybe I can get a preview, but I won’t be able to sell anything. This time I actually have tables. 

Leslie and Bob finally hit Q yesterday, so the couch should be going away in the next couple of days. Yay. I will spray indoors once that is out. I will probably have to clean the carpet there too. Probably Kali Cat hair and dead ants back there. I will finally have the living room redo done. Although I will need to make a new cover for the ottoman so it matches. Will have to haul out the sewing machine again. This time I will have to cut one of the blankets, and I should probably make the foot rest covers for the second chair at the same time.

Trying a mexican quinoa recipe today. Instead of using a sauce pan tho, I am using the crock pot. I was going to make the chili from my basket, but I was supposed to soak the beans over night and I didn’t do that.

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