Monday, October 12, 2015

Progress on Ody and more website woes

Got another late start on Ody yesterday. Almost 11. By then, again, it was hot and I didn’t feel like working. But I did. I got the yellowed cover masked off and painted, reinstalled the door stop, had to stop and find a replacement screw because the head was stripped in one. Then I moved indoors. I ended up firing up the generator and turning on the AC inside. 

I installed the new light fixture in the bunk, a toilet paper holder, the TV, cleaned up the bathroom and the ceiling fan in there and a couple other little things. I also filled screw holes and rigged one of the drawers that had lost it’s rail so that it sits straight instead of crooked. Little things. The outside is pretty much done. I still have some big things to do like install the carpet, the dinette hanger and the water tank. I will work on it some today, but not all day. I need some time off before I go back to work. I will put her back under cover until next weekend. Once I get all that done and cleaned up, she will go out and sit in a neighbors driveway with a for sale sign on her. I might see if there is some place at work where I can park her, even if it is just during the day. 

Today I will probably make up the bunks, clean that section, put away the pots and pans and clean up my garbage. I think that is about all I have the energy for. Maybe put down the carpet. I am skipping my walk this morning because Monday morning coffee is at 7 AM, and I need to shower before I go.

I need to go to the market and get something for lunch tomorrow. I finished up the last of my cheese yesterday and that is an integral part of my lunch. I won’t get much since we are going to Parker on Wednesday and I can get stuff there for less and better quality.

Both websites have been giving me trouble. I finally got the more difficult one under control and the client is happy, but the easier one hasn’t been easy, and all the changes I made yesterday have disappeared. I will have to do that over this morning. Sigh…both of them have been nothing but a pain in the ass this time around. I think I might have too much going on and that is causing stress, which is causing mistakes. 

I almost fell (again) on my steps this morning. Nothing but concrete and brick, and that would hurt. Those steps have tripped me more than once. They make me very nervous. Haven't come up with a solution yet.

Well, I need to get in the shower, and figure out what went wrong with the website. I doubt I will get both done before coffee, but will give it a try. 

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