Thursday, October 1, 2015

October first, finally some cooler weather on the way

Day two of the job. It is going to be another hot one.

I didn’t do half of what I had planned on doing yesterday. I piddled around outside for a while until the temps hit 100. I got both the microwave and the kiln moved off the patio and into the shed. Since I won’t be here most of the time now, I figured out of sight would be better. I also fixed the break in the irrigation line to the fountain, put out fresh hummer food and swept another load of leaves off the patio. I read two books, tried to keep my eating to a minimum, and even got a nap. I swapped out a green extension cord on the patio for a white one so it isn’t quite so visible and ugly.  Sometimes it is the little things that just bug you. 

I repotted my avocado seedling too. Almost time to start my veggie and tree seeds.

UPS delivered a package to the wrong address, so I took that over to Hal and Nita on the next street where they should have delivered it, and stopped at Vicki’s on the way back as I hadn’t seen or heard from her all day. Glenn and Diane are planning a surprise lunch for Vicki, and of course, it will only be my third day of work and I will already be missing an event. They decided to have it at 1 on Friday. They know I’m working, they even asked. :(  But apparently that is the best time for all the people that don’t work. And of course of all people it has to be Vicki’s birthday party. Oh well. I will get her gift to her somehow. No word on the parts I ordered.

I did walk yesterday. Watered on C Street. Took a peek at Ody on my way by. It was Keith’s birthday yesterday and he was off in Phoenix. His text says she should be done by the beginning of the week. Then I can start my part, and hopefully get her out and on display within a week or so and get her sold. Then I can start looking for my chairs and start my stealth camper.

I did not go to the post office, market, or Sal’s. Just hung around and relaxed most of the day. It was hot, I think we hit 104 briefly. From what I am hearing on TV, it is warmer than usual for the start of October. But I just checked the  forecast, and it looks as if today and tomorrow might be the last of it. The nights are actually supposed to be in the upper 60’s and the days in the mid 90’s. That will be a welcome change. Especially the nights. I should be able to open the windows and use the fans and hopefully will sleep better in the cooler temps. I’m already planning on closing off the heat in the bedroom and opening the one in the bathroom. I like a much cooler bedroom, and AC in the bathroom is just a waste of energy. Heat in the bathroom on the other hand isn’t. I do need to replace that floor vent tho, it is old and doesn’t work quite right. I had it blocked off for the summer and put a fan in there instead. I did turn on my water heater the other day, but have only used the hot water in a shower once. It warmed back up and I haven’t needed to use it.

I have to read my meter and pay my electric bill this morning. Hoping it is less than last month and the last of the high AC usage. Looking forward to a couple of months with the bill being under $100. I also need to make a run to the dumpster before work.

Oh, I won that copper holly bracelet I had put a bid on on eBay. I’m looking forward to seeing that. When it cools off some, I will probably start wearing some of the jewelry I made this summer. Still too warm to wear anything unnecessary. 

And last but not least, I put my lunch together for today, boiled some eggs for easy lunches, and did a small load of laundry. I am planning on going to the post office at lunch, and will probably just hang out in my car for the rest of lunch (in the AC). The post office is basically just around the corner from work. 

That is about it. I cooked some cod again last night. This time it was better. I baked it without the foil wrapper, but it still put off a lot of liquid, and it shrunk a lot. I did it over a bed of spinach and topped it with cheese when it was just about done, the same way I cook my haddock. It wasn’t as good as haddock, but will be a fair substitute. I miss my haddock. Cod has a different texture. Tonight will probably be a burger and veggie of some sort. Still have a lot of canned green beans. I will figure that out later.

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