Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I survived my first day of work

I survived. It isn’t a difficult job and I have had jobs where there was much more to remember. But it was a long day. There is a ceiling fan over the register which helps a lot, and anti fatigue mats on the floor, but I was hurting by the time I got home. I didn’t even fix dinner, just finished up what I didn’t have for lunch, had a quick shower and fell asleep in front of the TV. That of course made for a rough night last night.

I have been out and walked this morning. I needed to loosen up the muscles a little. But I am still tired and really don’t feel like doing a whole lot. There are things that need my attention tho. I need to fill the hummer feeders, fix the leak in the irrigation, go to the post office, buy some food, and more. I also need to follow up on Ody and see what the status is there. He should be just about done with her. I hope.

I will adjust I guess. It has been a long time since I have had to work for someone else, and I liked not having to work. Hoping to be able to do that again some day. But I need to eat and pay the bills, so I just have to suck it up and deal with it. I cut it pretty close financially. If I had waited any longer, it would have been a real issue.

I just wish it would cool off. I have an hour for lunch and even tho I brought my lunch yesterday, I came home to eat it so I could sit inside with the AC. Plus I needed to get my ID papers for my work file. It only takes about five minutes each way. Some day I will take the scooter to work. Just for giggles. Once it cools off, I will sit outside for lunch. Maybe bring my computer and my old wifi, which I want to keep active just in case. Or maybe just my ipad. I’ll get it all figured out eventually.

Well, I really don’t have much else this morning. I’m tired and stiff, and slightly irritable, but other than that, I am fine. 

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