Saturday, September 26, 2015

Just an errand day

I had to go to the hardware store to get some wet/dry sand paper for the Ody project. While there, I got my initial work schedule. I will be starting on Tuesday, not Monday, and my days for October will be Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Then I went to FD and bought the canvas bins for the chrome shelf in the living room, The General Store for a few grocery items - I didn’t get much because their produce is horrible and I didn’t see anything at the meat counter that excited me, and then the post office. Last but not least, DG. They are starting to put out their xmas stuff. I bought a couple of green extension cords. I had been using an orange one in the living room and I was tired of looking at it. It wasn’t long enough to keep the cords neat, and it was just plain ugly. The green one blends in with the carpet. Looks much better.

I dropped off the sand paper and put the mattress in Ody, it is an almost perfect fit. Still waiting on the mattress cover, but it is going to look nice when it is made up. I’m not going to do any of my work until he is done with the outside. I just wanted to get the mattress off the patio just in case it rained, besides, I didn’t want it there because it didn’t belong there. It was nice and light and easy to move. I may get another one of those when I do my stealth camper. There are several different sizes you can get.

I got rid of all my cardboard and garbage and came back and dealt with my morning purchases. I skipped the thrift shop because I thought he was waiting for the sand paper. I may go this morning. I still need to either print something or buy something to go over the door on the inside. I got a nice little frame that will fit there nicely, but it needs something in it. Maybe I will turn it into a key holder… There is also a yard sale today. One of the first of the season.

In the afternoon I finished up the book I had started and got an early nap. Getting up at 2 and 3 AM makes for a very long day. It was also hot. Back up to 105 during the day, and in the 80’s at night. A lot less humidity than there was earlier in the week tho.

Friday is Vicki’s birthday. I need to make something for her. I will look and see what I have for beads. She is a little more traditional than most of the stuff I am making right now. Although I just saw something online she might like. I have to find my copper sheeting. We were supposed to go to Parker on Friday to the floating restaurant for her burger and fries, but I won’t be able to go. I think I am going to suggest The Grubstake, they make a mean burger and is right here in town. I could do that after work on Friday.

People are coming back. I know of two couples that pulled in yesterday. There are so many people here I haven’t met yet. They are all so nice (so far). They keep telling me how happy they are to have me here. I NEVER got that anywhere else I have lived, especially IP. But they were all happy to take advantage of my skills. I haven’t volunteered much here, I’m hesitant to do that. But when someone asks me to do something, and I can, I don’t hesitate.

I got the new beater head for my vacuum so I got to vacuum yesterday. It works a lot better than the old one. I will just have to make sure I clean the long hair out of it more often than I did in the past. One of the disadvantages of having long hair. It gets on the floor and gets all wrapped up in the vacuum. I also got my turmeric, just in time to start work. It is supposed to help with aches and pains and lots of other stuff too. 

Normally I don’t walk on Saturdays, but since there are three days in the week I won’t be walking next week, I am going to today. I will still loose a day, but I will also be more active during the day than I have been so I guess it is a wash.

I gave up on the leaf bowl. I took it apart and washed as much of the modge podge off it that I could. I will recycle them into something else. For now, they are sitting in my pine cone filled basket. 

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