Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A very quiet Labor Day

Not much to write about this morning. Went to breakfast with Vicki yesterday. 
Took her plants down before my shower and visited a few minutes. The smell in her place from the fridge was a little better, but not much. She needed to go to the store and pick up a few things, so I changed and rode along with her. We went to both dollar stores and then the Stagecoach for breakfast.

I read three books yesterday and then last night I finished season 7 of Castle. Now I am all caught up and ready for season 8 when it starts in a couple of weeks.

Not sure what is on the agenda for today. I need to get rid of some garbage and go to the post office. And I really would like to try out my kiln. I was so anxious to get it, but it has been here for days and I haven’t even read the instructions yet. Haven’t been the least bit motivated.

I did decide to turn the rock I didn’t like into a pumpkin. I sprayed it orange, the same color as the turbine pumpkin. I also put the turbine pumpkin and the mum arrangements on the front steps.

I will probably add to the display as the season progresses. The rock pumpkin will be next. I need to find a stem for it and put some lines on it, then seal it, bow it and put it on the steps. I already like it better than that little cottage I had painted on it. I didn’t like that since the day I did it.

We had a thunderstorm and some rain late yesterday. I guess there was a rainbow, but I didn’t see it. Didn’t even think of looking for one. Was busy reading. :) It is very humid this morning, more than usual. I wonder if it rained during the night. Should have some happy trees tho. They are starting to show stress from the heat.

One of my next house projects is to either make or find a shelf to go over the bathroom sink. Still pondering that one. Plus fix the bottom spinner in the cupboard. I took a quick look yesterday to see if I had any wood suitable, but I didn’t find anything. And I am formulating a plan for the shelf. Haven’t decided what color I want it to be yet either. I will probably go with black.

Always something to do. :)


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    1. Thank you. I'm sure I will be adding to it as the season progresses.