Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I start my new job today

Sold a pair of halloween earrings on eBay last night. I still haven’t gotten my spoon bracelets listed. On my list of things to do. I need to mail out the earrings before I go to work.

I spent my last day of freedom pretty much relaxing. I read a book, worked on my horseshoe tree, mixed up some tuna for today’s lunch and that was about it. I didn’t leave the house, go anywhere or see anyone. I have mixed feelings about going back to work. It will be good for me, but I really LIKE not working. I wish I could continue and still have enough money to live on, but that isn't possible. 

My horseshoe tree held together pretty well until I started hammering the wedge into the base and it broke. Once I got the base the way I wanted it, I reglued it - both sides. It was hardened enough by the end of the day that I even got it painted. I went with green instead of black, figured green was better for most seasons. It is now ready for ornaments. Not sure if it is going to live indoors or out. 

I am putting together a list of materials I will need to get electricity to the shed. The cost of the materials will determine how soon I get that done. I might have to pick up a few things at a time.

I just ordered carpet squares for the bedroom section in Ody. I will need to get a couple of edge pieces, but it was the easiest way to go and it is indoor/outdoor carpet. I will pull the two black rugs and keep them, use them here. Wish I still had the 5x7, I could have used that in the living room. Even if I replaced it, the colors wouldn’t match now due to the age difference. Plus the pattern doesn’t seem to be available any more. But hopefully that will be the last of the money I need to spend on Ody. It has gotten quite expensive and I still need to pay for the work on the outside. Haven’t heard anything about that in a couple of days. Wonder how that is going.

Well, that is about it for this morning. It is still early, another cup of coffee, get the earrings packaged and ready to go. Fix my lunch and get showered and dressed and I am out of here for the day. Going to try to remember to turn off the ceiling fan in the living room. Already did the one in the bedroom. No sense in wasting electricity.

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