Thursday, September 24, 2015

More pumpkins

I started on my wooden reversible pumpkin/snowmen yesterday. I had to borrow some finish nails from Rusty across the street, visited with them for a few. Got the two pumpkins put together and spray painted. The rest will be done by hand with a brush. I just ordered some resin holly leaves for the snowman side from eBay. These are made from some of the scrap pieces I got last week. Tongue and groove, glue, nails and paint so far. I’m hoping to get the hand painting done today, actually all of it except the holly leaves. I can add them once they get here, or I might just paint some instead.

Then I decided to do something with the sunflowers I bought. Was going to put them in a pot on the front step, but didn’t have a pot I liked, so I used my red vase instead and they will live inside for a while. Then I will move them to the step.

After that, I moved indoors and decided to do my cloth pumpkins. I did two sets of these, one is indoors, one is on the steps. The rope made perfect stems.

I’m just about pumpkined out. Although I do still have the paper plate holder pumpkins to do. Time to start thinking about Christmas decorations. I ordered a metal holly leaf wreath, a silicone holly leaf mold for clay and a couple other little things. I have a bid in on a copper bracelet with holly leaves on it too. Oh, and last but not least, cast iron holly leaf candle holders. Other than some lights and some ornaments for my tree, that should do me this year for holiday decorations. I would like to get a good sized fake wreath for the front of the house too. I will put solar lights on that.

The mattress for Ody came yesterday. And late in the day the quilt showed up. I got that put on the bed. It is a little loud, and clashes with the quilt hanging over the bed, but I will live with it for now. I may change the one on the wall at some point tho. Adds a LOT of color to the room. It is a printed fabric and not a pieced quilt, but it wasn’t expensive and is 100% cotton, so I guess I can’t complain. And it is quilted all over.

So I kept myself pretty busy yesterday. I got to play with my electric saw and a hammer and nails. That was fun. Would have been really nice working in the shed if it hadn’t been so humid. 

Finally got my shower last night before I changed into my jammies. Unfortunately, I guess it is time to turn on the water heater. Just when I start saving some money on the AC, the water cools down. It was a nippy shower last night. Sigh…

Last night I decided to try another quesadilla for dinner. This one had mushrooms, peppers, cheese and chicken. It came out good. Easy dinner, minimal cleanup. Other than the carbs, somewhat healthy too. I did skip my lunch time tortilla because I knew I was having them for dinner. It did leak a little because the tortilla had a hole in it, but it tasted just as good. 

What is really going to be kool is that I will be working at a hardware store while I am building my stealth camper. I get a discount…Oh, and I got all the stuff ordered for Ody yesterday. Less than $100 for all, plus shipping. Can’t beat it. She is going to be beautiful when she is done. I don’t know how much progress was made on her de-oixidation yesterday. Will see when I go by this morning.

I haven't found a clock to go over her door, all the ones at the dollar stores were too big, I am thinking of printing and framing something instead. I bought the perfect frame for that at Sal's the other day. 

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