Saturday, September 5, 2015

UPS again, and crafty things

Yesterday didn’t improve a whole lot with the UPS thing and all. Keith wouldn’t let me take his package over to Ironwood Accounting where Lois said UPS would pick up. He came and got it and drove it to Blythe. This time he didn’t invite me along, so I am guessing he is mad at me. Oh well. Try to do something nice for someone…..Plus, I had texted him at 6:30 in the morning, and I’m sure that irritated him. He needs to learn how to set his phone to do not disturb.

So I got dressed, went to the post office, Family Dollar and the other thrift shop (where I got the turbine last week). I found some flat ware pieces for more bracelets, and some raffia. At FD I bought some silk mums and a few more leaves and some more wax melts, as they are less expensive there. I also got yet another deodorant as I am having trouble with that lately. I think I am sweating too much. Hoping when it cools off, that problem will go away too. But I have bought at least a half dozen different deodorants to try and find something that will last the day. 

When I got back, I finished up my turbine pumpkin and made two mum arrangements in the orange pots I got last week. Used the raffia from Karen on the pumpkin and the raffia from the thrift shop on the mums. I am pleased with both, and they will go on my front steps as soon as Vicki’s plants go home. Most likely on Monday.

These are the patterns I picked up yesterday. It was hard to find two of the same pattern…Don’t know why the photo is so dark, I took it outdoors.

After I finished the arrangements, I decided to get some lunch. The senior center was advertising fish and chips, so I decided to go. But I got there too late. :( All gone. It looked like it was fish sticks and tater tots anyway. I could do better, but the price was right, only $3.50 per meal. Will have to try again some other time. So I decided to go to Carl’s Jr and get a burger and fries. I tried the diablo burger and it was very good. While I was out the second time I realized that I didn’t have my Castle DVD’s so I went back to the post office and checked my box again. No yellow tag indicating a package, so I went an asked Rueben. Sure enough, it was there. Came back, ate my lunch and finished the book I had started at breakfast. I did not play with the kiln. But I did clean up and fold all the bubble wrap that it was packaged in and put that in the shed. Christmas is coming and I will need packing material.

UPS delivered Vicki’s box that she sent back so she wouldn’t have to pay for extra luggage when she came home. I discovered why I missed the truck the night before, they didn’t actually pull up to the house, and turned around next door, so they never went past the house. I almost missed this delivery, and if I hadn’t been looking at the camera image, I would have missed it. Their new thing is dropping the box over the gate on to the walk way, and when I went to pick up Vicki’s box, the bottom split open. She had a lot of clothes and stuff in there that I then had to pick up. It is all sitting in my garden cart and I will take it to her place today or tomorrow. The box was pretty beat, she is lucky it held up long enough to reach my walkway. That last drop on to the bricks did it in.

Some time in the afternoon I decided to make the temporary covers for the kiln and microwave. The vinyl table cloth I picked up is very thin, so instead of stitching these, I will use them until I get a heavier table cloth. But now I have sort of a pattern to work with too. These are just stapled on the inside. When I get the heavier tablecloth, I will stitch them with the sewing machine. Looks a whole lot better than that blue tarp.


When I get some money, I want to refurnish the living room. I would like to have to comfy chairs instead of the sleep sofa and a chair in there. Get rid of the ugly sleep sofa that I never use. I would like one chair that reclines all the way, and one that turns into a twin sleeper, but looking at those, they are way too expensive. So I found a sleeper ottoman online this morning for a very good price. It opens up into a cot. So I ordered that. It is covered with a slip cover that I can copy with my red material. Then, when I go chair shopping I can save some money by getting one recliner and one regular chair and still have a place to sleep when I have company. Not sure where I am going to put the ottoman, but I will figure it out. Getting rid of the sleep sofa will open that room up quite a bit. I should be able to get a few bucks for it since it is in mint condition. I haven’t even opened the thing up. Should probably do that some time. But the ottoman is the first step in the makeover.


Should be easy enough to make a new cover for. This is the only one that I saw in my price range that had casters. That will make things easier. My splurge for the week.

Well, I guess that is about it. Nothing on the agenda for today. I might actually play with the kiln. Still need to read the instructions. But I haven’t been feeling especially motivated and this whole UPS couple of days has put me in a bad mood. But I have been spending a little more time outside, the temps are around 103 to 104, which is much easier to deal with than 115. Progress.


  1. try axe not the shampoo just the deoderant. out of all this is the one i can use