Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Coffee table and errands

Yesterday ended up being errand day. After I got the coffee table modified and put in place I got showered and dressed and took the garbage to the dumpsters, a load of stuff to Ody, and then off to the stores. Hit Herb’s first, got my spray paint I  needed and found out I start work at 8 on Monday. From there I went to Family Dollar, wasn’t much there I wanted and they didn’t have a battery operated clock small enough for Ody. So I went to the post office next, got my packages which turned out to be the sheets and blankets for Ody. Then I went to DG, spent a few bucks there. I bought four boxes of coffee this time because the last few times I have been in there, they didn’t have the one I wanted. And then Salvation Army. There I bought an electric quesadilla/fajita maker. I was looking for one of those George foreman types of grill, but I think this will work. I picked up a nice little wooden shelf and some grippy pads for Ody and a set of steak knives for Ody as well. Took her stuff to her and another trip to the dumpsters with the cardboard.

By the time I got all of that done it was lunch time. Guess what I had….a quesadilla. Was easy to do with the new maker and only took a few minutes. I will have to play with that some more. And it is red.

I didn’t do much in the afternoon. Took a nap. Hadn’t planned to, it just happened. But since I am still not getting enough sleep, it’s ok. I am getting between four and five hours of sleep a night. This week without sleep aids. This morning I actually slept until 4 AM. That is better than 2:30 or 3:30. It hadn’t cooled down enough last night by the time I went to bed to open up the house, but I have it open this morning. 

Oh, and I got my tax bill for the park model, and it is less than I thought it was going to be. I’m good with that. I’m used to paying about 1k for that dump I had in down town IP on that postage stamp lot. Here it is under $300 annually. I have a good part of a year under my belt here so I can budget for next year. See how much I am going to have to put away to get me thru next summer and see if there is any traveling money available. My electric bill should be at least a third less than last month, hopefully closer to half. I have been using the AC a lot less because the nights and mornings have been below 80 degrees.

So the coffee table turned out well. I like the height. It is the same height as my little end tables now. I did have to remove the old legs and attach the new ones. But it wasn’t difficult. I had to make some new holes in the legs because they didn’t line up, but that is what sheetrock screws are for. The ottoman just barely fit under it, but it will work just fine. I’m hoping to have the couch out and the new chairs in by Christmas. I would like to put the tree on the coffee table in the front windows between the two chairs.

I’m not crazy over the blue tray on the coffee table, but I think I will take the black and white one I am using as a night stand and put that out there instead. The end tables in the living room are going to end up being night tables anyway, so I will move one in now. The folding base for the tray can go in the closet for the time being. I would like to buy a red tray, but that will have to wait.

So I start work on Monday. I’m concerned about eight hours of standing, but it has to be done. Yesterday I had a bunch of aches and pains, my back hurt, I have an ingrown toenail, age related things. I haven't done this in years and years, and I hope I will be able to do it. If not, I will have to see what my options are. I will be working three days a week thru most of October, then it will go to five. Hopefully by then I will have adapted.

I finally heard back from Phoenix Cruiser about the window seals and water tank. The seals aren’t expensive at all. $27 for all the window seals, and the water tank is only $67 plus shipping. But I am not sure I need the water tank, but I may order it anyway, that way I can say it has a brand new tank and I can use the old one in my stealth camper if it is whole. Rather than trying to refurb the outside handle by the door, I am going to replace that too. I was under the impression that parts for Ody would be a lot more expensive. They have to be special order because of her age, so it will be a little wait.

This morning I am taking Ody back over to Keith so he can do some more work on the outside. I will be glad when this is all done. I expect I will have to spend about a day on the inside, I will bring her over here to do that. Still waiting for the mattress, flatware, and a couple other little things.

My quilt is supposed to be delivered today. That will be fun. A whole new look for the bedroom

Tossing around the idea of painting my kitchen cupboards. Thinking a light gray. But we will see. I hate painting and I would have to sand and prime. A lot of work. I wonder if they would take a stain….something to look into. That would be a lot easier. They just look dirty now, and I can’t get them clean. I might try some bleach. I bought some for the shower floor yesterday. There is a bucket bleach circle that has been bugging me since I moved in. I have ignored it as long as I can, but it has to go. Plus the toilet has some areas that I can’t get clean with regular cleaners. Might put a few drops in the fountain to try and keep that a little cleaner. If I keep the concentration low, it shouldn’t bother the critters, just the algae.

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