Tuesday, September 15, 2015

More spoons

I got started on some spoon bracelets yesterday, but am having a hard time drilling this batch. They are much heavier than the first two I did. I still have one set that hasn’t gotten their holes yet and I may just set them aside for the time being. I had to actually haul out my drill and I broke two small bits, so had to go with larger holes. The one I was going to make into a pendant I had to recut to remove the damaged section where I tried to drill. I will use a bail instead and probably solder it.

Vicki stopped by while I was working on them, so I dropped them and got changed and went to Salvation Army and DG with her. I bought some more spoons, much lighter weight that I will play with this morning if I get my web site work done before it warms up.I have to switch computers to do that as I haven’t learned how to do it on this one yet. I will have to break down and learn how to do that soon, but not today, I don't want to waste what little data I have left on that. I also picked up two paper plate baskets for ten cents each to make more pumpkins. Something I saw on FB. I found a nice spring plaid table cloth for $3.

At DG I got the cinnamon pine cones, a few groceries and a small bag of fake gourds. Those are all in my basket on the table for now.

I read in the morning and worked on my basket in the afternoon. I did rearrange the folding tables under the bed, they are now stacked, freeing up space for my craft bins. Moved the bins from the living room to the bedroom. Looks much better, less cluttery.

This morning (it is still dark out) there is a nice breeze and it is in the mid 70’s. Got my windows open and the fan blowing to exchange the air indoors. I’m always happy when I can do that. 

I have not heard anything about the job. She said they were going to decide and call, probably later that day. I’m assuming my now, they have made their choice and it isn’t me. What is it about me that people don’t like? I’m a good worker, have lots of experience, and have a lot to offer. I just don’t get it. I had the same problem way back when I stopped working at BEU. I had lots of interviews, yet no offers. My only other options now are one of the dollar stores or waitressing, which I have said I will never do. Or one of the fast food joints.. 

Still waiting on my internet device. I hope that gets here soon. I really don’t want to spend another $50 to renew this one and I am getting low on data.

Dancing with the Stars last night. Gary Busey is on this season, he is horrible, and I can’t stand the man. I hope he is the first to go. Chaka Kahn, Paula Deene, and one of the guys from the Paris train terrorist take down, are also on the show. The kid from the train is actually pretty good. 

I’ll probably do a small load of laundry today. I have the table cloth from yesterday, the sweater from last week and some orange material I got at Sal’s yesterday. I also need to get a shower before I go out to work in the shed. It is early enough that I should be able to get the web site work done and still get some work done before it warms up too much. Going to be a  busy morning. It is my day off from walking, so I should be able to get it mostly done before it is hot again. Hopefully.

There was a guy outside the DG yesterday with free puppies. I stopped and held one, but they were very young. I resisted. I have also been avoiding the free kitten ads on FB. I’m just not ready for another fur baby. Or the expense and responsibility. There are feral cats here, but they are very skittish, and nothing I want to get involved with. They have plenty of food and are surviving quite well on their own. But I haven’t seen any of them lately. I get a glimpse of the black one occasionally. The other two I haven’t seen in quite a while.

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