Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lots and lots of water

We got rain. Lots of it. All the washes were running, and I got wet. I had walked down to Vicki’s to see her as I hadn’t seen her all day, and it started raining while I was there. I waited for it to let up some, but I still got soaked just walking back from her place. I also waded thru ankle deep water in my driveway. So, once the rain let up some more, I went out with my phone and got videos of the washes within walking distance. I thought about taking the scooter, but I didn’t want it to get wet. Close to two inches in less than an hour. Here is a youtube video for the big wash around the corner. 
I guess all the little washes feed the big one, so all the water that has run past and around us ends up here.

And photos of my immediate neighborhood and my yard.

About 10:30 I went over to get Ody and get her back under the koolcover for the incoming weather. She is going to look beautiful when she is done, but it is going to take some time. He is going to have to sand off the oxidation with a very fine grit paper before he can wax her and get a good shine on her again. The little spot he experimented on looks very nice. What he is doing is a lot of work, and I guess I will have to pay him more than I had originally planned. Sigh…

I sat for a while yesterday morning formulating a plan for my stealth camper. I have picked out a cargo trailer online, just need to wait for Ody to sell. I’m thinking I am going to dress the “mini ody” in black and white. But we’ll see. I’m planning on using some of that bead board wall paper on the walls too. I have started a list of things I will need. It will be a fun winter project. I might even get to try it out in the spring when my hours drop off, or if I do it locally, I could just come back here to shower. I’m hoping to be able to do some traveling next summer. 

In amongst all that planning, I got to looking at my front fence. If I have a trailer or a golf cart, I would want to be able to park it in the back at some point, or would need to be able to open things up to get a second shed in here for storage, but I can’t because the double gates are in front of the house instead of allowing access to the yard. If I were to move the house, the fence would have to come down anyway, so I am going to have the front fence reversed. It is useless the way it is. Unfortunately it won’t be as simple as flipping it around because the gate has to stay where it is. It will need to be reconfigured. I did some measurements and figured out what will have to be moved and have a neighbor that volunteered to do it. I watered his plants all summer, this is his way of returning the favor. :)

The legs for my coffee table came yesterday, so I will figure that out this morning. We are supposed to get more storms today. Although a quick glance at the radar, they might pass us by this time.

I haven’t done anything crafty in days. Not sure if I will get anything done today, but my time off is coming to a close, and I would like to get some stuff done. That basket is sitting there waiting, and I picked up a bag of nice smooth rocks at Dollar Tree the other day. I also have pumpkins waiting both cloth and wood. Found some nylon rope to use as stems, but it needs to be painted since it is white. Not sure how well it will take the paint tho. I just haven't been feeling motivated.

I did get the fountain cleaned yesterday. There was so much green slimy stuff the tubing was clogged and so was the motor. Wasn’t enough sun to test it out after tho. I think it was trying to pump. Will find out when we get sun again. At some point I want to reconfigure the fountain so that it is more of a fountain instead of a bowl in the ground. I also cooked up the last of my gulf shrimp and got them peeled, cleaned and ready for dinner. I had red beans and rice with shrimp and siracha (hot pepper) sauce. There is enough left for either lunch or dinner today.

At some point I need to get my spoon bracelets listed on eBay. Can’t sell em if they can’t see them.

Well, I guess that is about it for this morning. I should go to the post office and get rid of some garbage. Looks like it might be clearing outside too. 

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