Monday, September 28, 2015

Officially sick of HOT

Was hot yesterday, 106 degrees. When I went out to look at the moon around 9, it was still in the upper 90’s. I have decided that I am officially sick of hot. I could deal with the hot days if the nights cooled down, but they don't. 

I got the ornament hooks made and on the horseshoe tree. Today I prep it for painting and see if I can make a base. I pulled some pieces out of my scrap lumber pile, and will have a go at it this morning. Once that is done and the rough edges of the JB Weld are cleaned up, it will be painting time. Then I will need to find some halloween ornaments and some thanksgiving ornaments, or a combination of the two. It will only hold five.

Got my laundry done, and spent the afternoon working on the basket. Visually, it doesn’t look like I made any progress. I should probably work on it some more today. I also finished the book I had started the day before. I have more that I want to get done before Christmas.

One of my winter projects is to get electricity to the shed without having to roll up an extension cord every time I need to use a power tool. The solar runs most everything, but it won’t run my dremel drill press at a high speed or my electric saw. So I am assuming the vacuum won’t run well out there either. Plus I need more light. There are shop lights already there, but no power for them. But I think I will swap those out for LED shop lights. Then I could run them off the solar. When I move the microwave and kiln in to the shop, I will need a hardwired source. I get a discount at the hardware store, so that will help with the expense.

I’m thinking I am going to ask Chad to swap out that TV antenna when he gets back. I think the omni will do a better job of keeping all the channels. I want to at least try it if he is amenable to changing it back if it doesn’t work. We’ll see if he is up to it when they get back. At least now I can stream from the internet. I watched a couple of movies while I was coiling yesterday. There was absolutely nothing on regular TV, and there is only so many times I can watch a DVD. I am thinking about starting McClouds Daughters again. I’m hoping they will play in this DVD player, they are from a different zone, so they might not. Should play in the computer tho. I’ll have to rearrange the shelves to get them out of the cupboard which is why I didn’t try it yesterday. Didn’t feel like dealing with it.

Almost time to plant. I asked Iola to send me some cuttings from my lilac tree. I want to see if it would survive here. Will start it out in a large pot initially. Plus I want to do some tomatoes and lettuce again. Probably won’t do much more than that. I still have trumpet vine seed and desert willow seed to start too. Couple more weeks and it should be cool enough to do all of that.

Today I have to figure out what I will be bringing for lunch and snacks tomorrow. Thinking tuna slaw. I could opt for eggs and veggies, but will figure it out later. Has to be easy to fix and low in carbs. I may have to go out and pick up a few things, but will try to get by with what I have on hand. My fridge is pretty much empty.

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