Thursday, September 10, 2015


Not much to write about again today. Vicki and I went to Blythe to Albertsons and Smart and Final. Between the two, I dropped close to $200. I was out of pretty much everything. I have fruit and veggies in the house! I also bought shrimp, almonds, burger and cod, so it added up very fast. Can’t get haddock here, even frozen. 

I got it all processed and put away, then had lunch. We had both picked up a rotisserie chicken. I had that for lunch and dinner. A salad with lunch and corn and bean salad for dinner. After lunch I got a nap and read a book. That was about the extent of my day. Nothing new, nothing exciting other than having food in the house.

There was no sun yesterday so we topped out at 99 degrees. It was a pleasant change. This morning it is actually sprinkling. The humidity is way up and it is currently 83 degrees. Quite uncomfortable.

I finally have a sale on eBay. The dragonfly sweater pin sold. I haven’t put anything else up, probably should. It is just so time consuming and data consuming. I have to package that up and get it sent out today.  I don’t know if I am going to the watercolor class or not, haven’t decided.  I’m still trying to get back into a routine since Vicki has been home. We have been out every day since she got back. 

I really need to get started on a new basket, finish up my rock painting, and think about what I am going to do with glass. Maybe I will skip the watercolor classes and concentrate on what I have already learned this summer, save that for later. I guess they run all the time.

Six more days and Glenn and Diane will be back and I can hand over the irrigation reins to them. That will actually be kind of a relief. It is a lot of responsibility, and there have been issues while they have been gone. The electrical situation still hasn’t been resolved. Good thing there aren’t people over there. 

I haven’t received an email saying I can’t get the wifi yet, so maybe that will go thru. I sure could use some unlimited internet. Then I could buy a small package every couple of months to keep this one active as a backup. Although, my phone will still have internet, so maybe I won’t. Will just have to wait and see. Judy, here in the park, ordered one too. 

I’m very pleased with my bathroom shelf. It looks so much better having all my crap on the shelf instead of behind the sink. The black blends right in. Still need to deal with the bottom spinner in the spice cupboard. I may have to buy a piece of something to do that with. Keeping my eyes open. It does turn, but not easily. I have fixed a few things since I put the spinners in, and it does make a world of difference. 

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