Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Rain, two days in a row.

Went to the post office, Herbs and the General Store yesterday. Got my seed block for the birds, filled up Vicki’s water bottles and picked up a few things at the market. I didn’t buy much because we are going to Blythe today to the real grocery stores. I am so looking forward to fresh produce! I did pick up some pork ribs and tossed them in the crock pot with barbecue sauce and that is what I had for dinner along with a corn and bean salad. 

I realized yesterday why I haven’t played with my kiln yet, it is too damned hot still to be playing with 1500 degrees. And on my first firing at least, I need to be able to stay outside and supervise things. So, I am going to take the pressure off and wait until it cools off enough to be able to stay outside for a little while. I will go back to my baskets and rock painting for now. I still need to make several baskets, and I picked up another set of rocks for cactus this morning so I can do that last set. Tomorrow is the water color class.

I read yesterday after we got back. Before we went, I did make the shelf for behind the sink in the bathroom. It looks really nice there, and much better than it did. I’m glad I went with the black, any other color would have looked strange. The legs are recycled posts from solar lights. I drilled holes large enough to put the posts in without going all the way through, and glued them in with liquid nails. Should hold up a long time. I may eventually put a block under the feet so it won’t scratch the counter, but it is good for now.

We had another thunderstorm yesterday. I really didn’t need to walk this morning or check the irrigation, but I did anyway. I didn’t bother to water Lorna’s palm trees tho. I usually do that on Wednesdays. It is cooler this morning, in the upper 70’s, but humid. Yesterday was around 105 and humid. Very uncomfortable.

I saw a post online this morning for an unlimited internet device. It is out of Huntsville Alabama, and I ordered it. It is $48 a month, unlimited data. Just what I have been looking for. Lets see if I get it, and if I do, how good it is. I really need better service. If this works, it will save me about $25 a month, and make life a whole lot easier. I won’t have to go find free wifi to update my devices, and I will be able to watch videos, something I haven’t been able to do since I left VT.

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