Thursday, September 3, 2015

Routine changed up a little this morning

I’m posting late this morning because my routine got changed a little. Keith called me after six last night and wanted to walk, but I had already put on my jammies, and as you know, once the jammies are on, the day is over. Nothing would get me to put my clothes (namely my bra) back on. So we walked this morning instead, which was better because it was also a lot cooler, about 78 degrees. It was still 97 degrees when I talked with him last night. I did 2.25 miles this morning. A whole mile more than I usually do, and it was thru two other parks. So not only did I have company, I got to see some new scenery. Pleasant change. 

Yesterday was really nice until about 10 AM. I stayed outside and made my two bracelets from my forks I got at Sal’s, and once those were in tumbling, I started working on the turbine pumpkin. Got that spray painted and the stem made and attached with self tapping screws. I had a piece of copper that was already bent, enough that it wouldn’t be useable in jewelry, so I made it into the pumpkin stem. A friend from PA is sending me some raffia, so it won’t be finished until I get that. It was so hot that the pumpkin took all day to really dry. This morning it isn’t tacky any more.

The bracelets are made out of a set of four olive forks, two each bracelet, that I got at Sal’s the other day for ten cents. I’m going to have to keep my eye on the flatware there. 

Although I broke my smallest metal hole punch on the second handle. I will have to see if I can replace it, it is the one I use most often. Found em, but have to buy the whole set. About half the cost of a new punch. I will just have to remember not to use the smallest one on flatware. Just isn’t heavy enough.

After it got too warm to be outside, I went in and painted two more sets of rock cactus. I have one more pot, so I can do one more set. The rest of the day I read. 

My new little jawbone bracelet is pretty kool. It tracks my movement, calories burned, sleep, etc. The default setting was 10,000 steps, but that is double the average. I set it back to average this morning so I can reach my daily goal. Yesterday I did 3475 steps, and so far today I have done 5395 steps. I also did better on sleep with six hours instead of 3.5. I haven’t used the camera yet, but I need to get rid of my garbage today and will try to set it up on the scooter when I do. Just love my gadgets. :)

I called the electricians again yesterday since we hadn’t seen them yet this week. Mentioned that I was afraid the rain would ruin the trench we paid to have someone dig, so they needed to get back and finish the job. Supposedly they are coming today sometime. I can’t wander too far because I have a return package that belongs to Keith that I offered to give the UPS driver when he drops off my kiln today. That means I have to keep an eye out for the UPS truck. It went thru here around 5 yesterday.

So, I guess since my kiln will be here sometime today, I may put a few pieces together so I can fire them later or tomorrow. Will wait to do any molds until I have an early morning to do my first one. This is going to be fun. :)

Well, I suppose I should go get some breakfast and do something productive. I will be glad when Karen’s raffia arrives so I can finish the pumpkin. :) I am pleased with it so far. I like the orange too. Not too bright, and it matches a couple of pots I picked up at DG the other day for .75 each. Now I just need a couple of bunches of silk mums, too hot for the real thing, and I will have a nice little display on my front steps. And very inexpensive. I have spent less than $10 on the pumpkin. $4 for the turbine, $4 for the paint, the rest is what I had on hand. Vicki’s plants and pots will go back to her place on Monday, so the steps will be freed up. Although her plants aren’t looking very good. Too hot for them. I noticed some of the trees in the park are looking stressed too. 

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