Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sewing Day

Yesterday was interesting. I got the windows computer updated, scanned for viruses and scanned for malware. That pretty much took up half the day. Got myself showered and dressed and off I went to the hardware store, post office and Sal’s. I needed some hole filler and a couple cans of spray paint from Herb’s, and while I was there I found out that I got the job. I will be starting at the end of the month. Three days a week initially, and then five days a week when it gets busy. Yay. A sigh of relief. She had just gotten busy and hadn’t called. It is just for the winter, so I am going to have to be very thrifty and save as much as I can to live on next summer. But once you are in, you come back every year.

At Sal’s I got some stuff to stage Ody. Got a couple of throw pillows and some material to cover them with, a toothbrush holder set, salt and pepper shakers that match the placemats and napkins I got, some knives and some cooking utensils. I spent $13 on all of that. There were a few other things, but can’t think of them at the moment. I need to find a mattress for that second bunk, and still need to find an oven mitt set. That pretty much wraps up what is needed including the stuff I ordered from Walmart the other day. Still trying to find someone to spit shine the outside and I will be pricing the window trim and fresh water tank from Phoenix Cruiser. Those will depend on the cost. I did get a can of white rustoleum to freshen up the vents and the mirror housing that has yellowed. She is going to be quite spiffy when I am done. 

I got my Apple TV setup last night and streamed some Hulu. It worked quite well. I’m pleased. Although I imagine when everyone is here in the winter, it won’t be as good. I have probably used more data in the last two days than I have used in the last six months. It is so nice to be able to do all this stuff again. I have missed my internet. It lost connection a couple of times, but had no problem keeping up with the stream.

In celebration of the job, I ordered the quilt set for my bed that I had picked out. I’m looking forward to getting that. Put a little more color in the bedroom. The legs for the coffee table have shipped and I will get that back in the living room when they get here. Not sure if I am going to just attach the new longer legs to the existing ones, or if I will try to replace the existing ones. A lot will depend on the hole placement. They weren’t designed for the coffee table. Will be interesting.

Today I will be getting out the sewing machine and make some throw pillows and a couple other projects that I have waiting. I got some nice orange material at Sal’s earlier in the week and I will be making a couple pillow covers for the throw pillows in the bedroom. Plus the pillow covers for Ody. And I want to make a set of cloth pumpkins from the orange material. My body pillow pillow case needs to be shortened too. So there are several things to make and modify. I don’t have the stuffing for the pumpkins yet, but I will get them ready to stuff. Going to Blythe with Vicki tomorrow and will see if I can get some then. Kmart probably has it. If not, I will buy a fiberfill pillow from one of the dollar stores and use the filling from that. Sal’s didn’t have any yesterday. Hoping I get to stop at Dollar Tree tomorrow. I need some silk leaves and some mouth rinse. 

I did find a few things in my cupboards that I can take over to Ody. One of the sets of plastic coffee mugs is missing, I will have to see if I put them in a bin in the shed. I had picked up a blue set and a maroon set at the thrift shops earlier in the summer, even tho I like the color of the red ones better, I like the shape and size of the blue ones better. So the red ones are going to Ody - if I can find them. 

Last night was the first time since sometime in March that I actually got to open the windows before I went to bed. The AC is turned off for the night. It was a little warmer than I like for sleeping, but it saved me a couple of bucks in electricity. Running the AC all the time is pretty expensive. I almost feel cold out here this morning. Going to be interesting when it does get cool.

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