Friday, September 4, 2015

UPS and my kiln

I am so frustrated this morning. I wasted a whole day watching for UPS yesterday. I have a box here that Keith needed to get to UPS, so I told him I was expecting a delivery and that I would give it to the driver for him. I watched and watched, and watched some more. Tracked the package several times, and finally gave up around 8 PM. Well, when I got up at 3 this morning, I tracked the package again…it said it had been delivered and left on the porch. I don’t have a porch, so I grabbed my handy dandy flashlight and went looking. Sure enough, it had been dropped inside the front gate. It says it was delivered at 7:11 last night, but I was watching for the truck and never saw it, and never heard it. UPS trucks have a distinctive sound, I would have heard it. It just pisses me off that I wasted a whole day and part of the evening watching for the truck and I missed it. Grrr….It must have been dropped off much later than reported. That is what I get for trying to do something nice for someone. No good deed goes unpunished. The package now has to be driven to Blythe and dropped off.

Anyway, the kiln is here safe and sound. It has been unboxed, now I need to read the instructions. I didn’t put anything together yesterday, I decided to wait until the kiln was actually here. It has a nice long cord on it, so the extension I bought should be good. I need to get a vinyl tablecloth and make a cover for it since it will be living outside on the patio. Granted, we don’t get much rain, but the dust is unbelievable here, and when it does rain, I get drips at the seams of the patio roof, which is right over the work bench. So it will need to be covered when it isn’t in use. I should be able to get a cover for the microwave too out of one table cloth if I buy the big rectangular one. Then I can get rid of the ugly blue tarp I have over it right now. And even if I move it into the shed, it will need to be covered and protected from flying dust and metal bits. It is bigger than I expected.

I didn’t do much yesterday besides read a book and watch for UPS. I didn’t even take a nap because I didn’t want to miss the truck. Since there was absolutely nothing on TV last night, I went to bed early.

Today I am going to the post office and pick up my Castle DVD’s and whatever else might be there. And since I went to DG on Monday, I think I will hit Family Dollar today. I want to get the silk mums for the pots that I got at DG. These are the pots I got. They are plastic, but for .75 each, who cares.

Huh, I just logged in to my checking account to pay for some wood I bought from Anthony in IP, and there was a 1k deposit to my account. After further researching it, it was two checks from Horizon Bank. So I guess I can do bill pay with my account here, it just takes forever. Good thing I didn’t withdraw any money from that account, although my balance still shows the 1k in my savings here. 

I hope it isn’t going to be one of those days…

I blew off my walk this morning. Nothing but the north oleanders are on the schedule for the day, and that has been working well since I finally got it fixed. And I don’t have to walk tomorrow. I am getting tired of walking the same thing day after day, and it is still too hot to do any hiking. Plus, the joint on my big toe on my right foot is acting up. I walked extra yesterday, and it hurt, so I am giving it a break today.

Check these out….I’m going to price some dryer vent and see how expensive it would be…I have a can and a half of paint left. 

While I was sitting on the patio yesterday looking at my turbine pumpkin I decided to put some lights inside it to see what that would look like. I think when I finally get it finished, I will put a couple of my battery operated candles in it. They come on at the same time each night and go off after six hours, so I wouldn’t have to touch them once they were set up. 

I’m already cranky this morning and it seems as if all the dogs in the neighborhood are barking. Of course, that irritates me even more. I think they are on the next street over, outside the park. No one here has big dogs.

I didn’t get to open my windows this morning, but it was still nice out. Hoping it is a trend. I’m ready to get out and do something very soon. I sick of being stuck indoors and at home. Although I still love my little place.

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