Friday, September 11, 2015

Another pumpkin and gifts!

I got my eBay sale packaged up and labeled, got cleaned up and went off to the post office yesterday morning after I vacuumed and dusted. I had to stop and pull all the long hair out of the beater on the vacuum. It works much better now. 

I picked up two packages at the post office, so I don’t have to go out today. I got my package from Ellen. It was a hand made bar of soap from the apple place we went to last year and a table runner that is a tic tac toe game with some matching quilted coasters. It is really nice. :) I won’t put them on the table until October tho. I also have a wall hanging I got from her last year that I will need to find a spot for too. 

After I got back, I started on the rocks finally. Did my pumpkin rock. I like it so much better than that little cottage one. Here it is….

The stem is another piece of bent copper epoxied on to the back. And I did the last set of cactus rocks, then epoxied paper clips on the bottom of all of the sets so they will stand up in the sand or soil that is used in the pots. Otherwise they like to fall over. 

More chicken for lunch. I sauteed the whole bag of turnip greens at dinner and had some of those with some cottage cheese for dinner, finished it off with some strawberries and melon. I had stripped all the meat off the chicken and took the bones to the dumpster on my way out so they wouldn’t be sitting around. I read in the afternoon, movie last night. And that about wraps up my day yesterday.

Today I want to start a new basket. Still haven’t figured out what yet, but will when I get inside. Later this afternoon/early evening I am going to dinner at the Stagecoach with Vicki and Jack & Charlene. They are opening for the season and Friday is fish night.

I did not go to the watercolor class. I will go at a later time. I have enough going on right now. Besides, I do have my books so I could teach myself at some point.

This morning I took two of my sarongs and hung them over the back zippered door on the patio. I have been keeping it closed because of the afternoon sun, but having a zipper on both sides makes it a pain in the ass and I have to deal with it every time I go to my car or take the recycling out. Figured I would try a curtain and see if that is any better. It looks kind of funny, but it will let the air and me through with a minimum of fuss. No zippers.

Had to spray in my corner of the patio for ants again yesterday. I don’t know what it is about this corner, but I have to spray about once a week.

My sleep ottoman shipped the other day and is supposed to be delivered tomorrow via Fedex ground. We’ll see if it actually does or if it goes to the post office like a lot of other packages. Then I will have to do some rearranging. 

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