Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Internet woes

I am having major internet problems this morning. It is extremely slow, things aren’t loading and it is using up what little data I have available on the current service plan. Sigh…I really need to find an alternative to this pay per gig thing. But the few options I have are very expensive. It is extremely frustrating. You would think a town this size would have more options. I could get cable, satellite, or DSL, but they are all expensive and have limits. I want what I had in IP, unlimited DSL for $45 a month. Still baffles me that IP had better internet access than Quartzsite Arizona. 

I have spent the last two hours researching my options and calling companies to find out about coverage....no joy. I'm stuck with what I have until a better game comes to town. I did email Google and begged them to come to Q.

Anyway, I didn’t do a whole lot yesterday. Got showered and dressed and started a book while I was waiting for Keith. He was later than he said he was going to be, but we had a nice visit. By the time he left, it was after noon, so I had lunch and finished my book. Then it was TV for the rest of the day.

I got the fitness bracelet set up and working, and I’m not walking this morning, so I can’t test that part of it. The camera I couldn’t play with because it needs a micro SD card, which I have, but can’t find, so I had to order one. Can’t use it until I get that installed.

As far as I know, the electrician didn’t show yesterday. So today I am going to do my Monday errands…the post office, DG and Sal’s. Then I might play with a little glass. It isn’t supposed to be quite so hot, down closer to 100 than 110 degrees. We have a few days like that in the forecast.

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