Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I have internet!

Two big things happened yesterday, my mifi device arrived and Glen and Diane are back. So far the mifi is awesome. I have updated all my devices without having to worry about how much data I have used. It is also much faster than my other one. I can be online any time I want now and not have to limit myself to an hour in the morning. I have downloaded all the books that I have gotten from Amazon in the last month or so, at least a book a day, to my iPad. All the apps are now current and so is my phone and computer. Yay. So far, so good.

Glenn and Diane are back a day early, I can pass over the park maintenance reins. I did do the usual park walk this morning because I had to water some palms over on C Street. I do that once a week. Tomorrow I may head out of the park for my walk. 

I was outside until about 11 yesterday. I worked on my spoon bracelets. In all, I have 9 bracelets. One I will have to keep because the hole is punched too close to the edge. I had to shorten that one, so I spent a short time in the shed in the afternoon. Now I just need to get them listed on eBay, see if I can’t get them sold.

A friend gave me some advice about getting Ody sold late yesterday. We argued…but I got to thinking about it and maybe he is right. She needs to be staged, just like a house when it is for sale. So I went online to Walmart last night and ordered a bunch of stuff. Sheets, blankets, dishes, etc. I spent $150, and have a few more things I want to get locally. Plus I need to get a mattress to replace the one I didn’t keep, I have to measure and see what I can find. I would rather not go used on the mattress. I am also going to put the little TV back in there. I haven’t used it since I have been here and it wasn’t expensive. The few times I showed Ody, the two things they all asked about were the TV and the missing mattress.  I should also try one more time to see if I can find the leak in the fresh water tank, and then fix the floor. The outside need some attention too,  I need to see how much it would cost to get her detailed - get rid of the oxidation and put a shine on her. It isn't something I can do myself. If that gets her sold at a good price, then it is worth spending some of the last few dollars I have left. Plus, I got to do some shopping. :)

The legs for the coffee table have shipped. I will get that done soon. Then it will be a matter of waiting for the couch to go and to find two chairs for the living room.

The kiln is going to be moving into the shed. I ordered a 50ft 12g extension cord for it. I might move the microwave in there too when I get it cleaned up and some room made. We’ll see. The shed really needs a window. That might be a winter project. With some air flow, I would be able to work out there a little later in the spring and earlier in the fall.

I have to say is is so nice to be online without having to worry about data usage. I will keep my old one alive as a backup for a month or so just in case. But to have everything current is wonderful. I can watch videos and I’m hoping I can stream again. I have been paying for Hulu, but haven’t been able to use it.  I can get my Apple TV working again. Happy camper. For less money, even better.

I don’t know what I am going to do about a job, but will have to do something soon. I have enough for my taxes and my next insurance bill, but will have to make some money by January to cover the park dues. Plus, I do like to eat….and have electricity. The sooner I get Ody sold, the better off I will be. Then I could wait a little while on the job until a good one comes along. I really like not working. I have plenty of things to keep me busy. But I have had a good run job free, so I can’t complain.

Well, I guess that is about it for this morning. I need to go to the post office, and maybe the hardware store for hole filler for Ody. Plus see what Sal’s has that I can use to stage Ody. She could use a picture or two on the walls and some serving utensils. I will see what I have here that I can part with first tho. I do have a large bowl that I can part with and a microwave cooker. And I just realized the sun tea jars have plastic cups that I can part with too. Glad I didn’t buy any. Will have to start an Ody pile. Guess I will wait until next week for Sal's. See what I have packed away in the shed that I can part with too before I spend any more money.

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