Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Cooler this morning. Yay.

I didn’t do a whole lot yesterday. I did take my iPad and went to McDonalds after I went to the post office, but couldn’t connect, so no updates. :( The electricians haven’t been back yet. I’ll give them one more day and call again. I also spent yet more time looking for an internet alternative.

Stopped at DG and picked up a few things. I got a body pillow, so I need to make a pillow case for it. I had one in Ody, but I have no idea where it is if I still have it. I can usually locate things like this in my mind, but am drawing a blank on this. I should check the closet, maybe it is there. I may have gotten rid of it, if not, I will find it eventually. I also got a couple of short sleeve denim shirts for .50 each, a set of olive forks that I want to make bracelets from (if I can bend them), a pair of shorts and a little red vase. Not bad for $6. Oh and book on rubber stamping. Not a lot of useful info in the book, but a bunch of pretty pictures. :)

I read for the rest of the day. 

It is cool, or was until the sun came up, this morning. So I may take the base off the metal spinny thing to start my big metal pumpkin. I might even put the first coat of paint on it. It was 78 degrees when I walked this morning. I was up at 2 and opened the windows and turned on the fans to exchange the air in the house. It has been about two months since I have been able to do that. My electric bill for August is the highest yet - $212. Hopefully it will start dropping. The AC is what eats the power, and you can’t live without it here.

My Season 7 Castle DVD’s will be at the post office tomorrow so I can catch up before season 8 starts. I missed the whole season while traveling. I will be happy when the fall season starts, TV is horrible.

I’m thinking the big flat rock with the little house painted on it might make a nice pumpkin or cat. I still don’t like it and it is a waste of a perfectly good rock. I’ll have to see what I can come up with. 

Nothing is selling on eBay. :( Even the good stuff. Oh well.

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