Sunday, September 6, 2015

Reading and catching up on Castle.

Not much to write about this morning. I saw on the local chatter page that there was a rattlesnake inside the Family Dollar last night. And last summer someone got bit going into the General Store by a rattlesnake near the store entrance. Gotta keep your eyes open.

I didn’t do a whole lot yesterday. Read, watched Castle DVD’s. Wasn’t feeling motivated at all. I did do laundry and got that hung out to dry. I also managed to get the users manual for the kiln inside the house for study, but haven’t looked at it yet. 

Last night, after dinner and after I had changed into my jammies, Lois and Rusty brought over the rounds and my missing spice cupboard shelf. Only one of the rounds is the size I wanted it, but one is better than none. I will make do with the ones he cut, it will be a definite improvement, plus I have my shelf back. I will deal with that today.

The coyotes are out and yipping this morning. It is still dark out and once it gets light, they will stop.

Lois and Rusty invited me to go to breakfast with them this morning. We are going to a restaurant that I haven’t been to yet, The Eatery. Tonight, Vicki returns. I need to haul her stuff down there today, and later, turn on some lights and the AC for her. 

I had my tuna slaw for dinner last night. It is a concoction of tuna salad with chopped up cabbage. My own creation. It adds a veggie to the meal. I usually do about 50/50, tuna salad and cole slaw or chopped cabbage. Gives it a nice crunch too. I eat it as is, like a salad, or put it in a tortilla. Last night it was a wrap sandwich with a few tortilla chips. The fridge is getting empty, as is the freezer and pantry. Just about time to go to Blythe and do some real shopping. I imagine Vicki will need to go too.

No photos today. I haven’t done anything photo worthy.

The temp this morning is just barely under 80 degrees. I haven’t opened my windows. The high yesterday was about 104 degrees, a definite improvement, but still too hot to be outside any length of time. I will be glad when it is cool enough to move back over to the patio chairs so I don’t have to sit in this corner. But this is the shadiest part of the patio for most of the day, so it is a good spot in the summer….or a better spot.

I did get the ribbon to finish of the last basket. I need to treat the basket first. Plus I am waiting on some owl charms to decorate it with. But I can do that any time after they arrive. This basket will fit in the small oven, so I don’t have to wait to get it sealed and finished. Can’t put a lot of heat to it because the beads are plastic. Maybe I will use sunshine instead…

Well, I guess that is about it. Nothing exciting. Almost time to walk.

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